Our Brands

We’re proud to have served 150 Million users worldwide.

Tag Action Games

It has been a long journey now with Galassia Studios as they continue to provide excellence in their services while we get turnkey projects done form them over the time.

Pocket King Studios

Galassia Studios have delivered complete action games while taking the headache of the monetization and improving the bottom line through their reliable team.

Play Clan Games

We are very impressed with Galassia Studios great understanding of what is required to make games of various categories succeed on the multiple platforms.

Our Services

With a combined experience of over 5 years Galassia Studios provides a number of gaming services for its clients worldwide.

Turnkey Game Development

Hassle free Game publishing. We take care of everything from art, development to monetisation; publishing, user acquisition and marketing! Game development made easy!

Art & Design

We produce best game designs which the user requires. Vivid and fluid graphics and organic environments are mainly responsible for our games success globally.

Unity 3D Development

Developing multiple category games in Unity 3D has enhanced the horizon for the productivity and has let us experience further expansion in our product line and clientele.


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