Rules of Max Shooter

“Rules of Max Shooter” is a new update from Galassia Studios. Some of the new features added to it are:

  • Amazing 3D action packed missions.
  • Smooth & Easy Controls to use.
  • Incredible Shooting Mission.
  • Modern Weaponry.
  • Amusing Sound Effects.

Other than that other features and controls are the same as in the previous update. Some instructions for playing the game are as follows:

  • Use your modern weapon to shoot.
  • Practice all controls to defeat terrorist easily.
  • Eliminate every single terrorist to compete.
  • Use your strategic mind & heroic skills to win.
  • Fight with your weapons to move further.

Call of Modern World War 3 Update

Call of Modern World War 3: Battlegrounds Survival is all about providing the gamers with pure shooting action with little distraction. It offers a linear storyline that is more focused towards aiming and taking down enemy targets before they can retaliate. The latest update of Call of Modern World War was on demand of the players who were constantly asking for some changing and new controls.

We regularly update our games and most of the updates are user based. It has proved to be a better approach for us updating a game following user reviews and suggestions so we could provide to the world what they want from a game. So, get ready for pure FPS shooting experience in Call of Modern World War.


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