A game developed using any engine and published on any platform can be converted from one engine to another and from one platform to the other. The conversion of a game from one platform to another is called cross platform game development.
Galassia Studios proudly provides the services for converting games across platforms and development engines. We have divided the whole process in few steps for the better understanding:

Bring a game developed in any engine like Coco or Unity 3D or choose a game from our accounts below.
Tell us your desired development engine to convert it to.
Mention the publishing platform you want to publish the converted game on.
Fill the contact form below with game name details.
We shall get back to you within a few hours.
Upon the agreement you will be updated with the game’s progress during cross platform conversion.
Other than 3D game development Virtual Reality Games development and Game Reskinnig is also being provided by Galassia Studios.


Some of our games which are developed for Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


See our Accounts on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and select the desired game for cross platform development and publish it as your own.


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