Legend of Spider 3D Hero City

Sunstar Games

Play as friendly neighbor super spiderweb hero in Vegas Crime City, and take down all the miami gangsters and terrorist of the extreme crime city with your super powers in this endless fighting spider game. Whether its a car or a villain or a criminal, just punch and kick your way out of any sticky situation and save the day in this battle of heroes and villains. You are the league of justice in the crime city, you are the law, and you are the brave hero that the city needs in the times of war on terrorism. So play as the savior of human kind in this endless fighting game.

Legend of Spider 3D Hero Grand City is a free action 3D hero spider game with addictive game play and challenging rescue missions and super power mutant chase missions to accomplish. Being a mutant spider superhero it’s your duty to track and chase down the criminals, supernatural super power robot villains, thieves and terrorists. Ever thought what would you do if you have all the super powers? Well it’s time to stop thinking and enjoy this amazing super natural superhero strange mutant game.
A group of super power supernatural mutant group of villains has attacked the country. The army ground war troops and the police force are busy in a close combat with the supernatural spider mutants.

The robots and super power supernatural mutant spiders are roaming around the city. Thieves and killers are harassing people and destroying city. Police and army seems powerless, they need a vigilante in this heroes battle and you mutant brave hero are the only hope for them in this battle against crime. Chase these terrorists, catch them and bring them to league of justice. The Super power spider mutant villains has attacked your beautiful city and they are busy in destroying it so now is the time for heroes battle. The true battle heroes never die or give up so show them your super powers and strange super hero rope abilities. Use your super.io powerful webs and rope in this brutal war of crime with enemy. This is the time you rescue your army war heroes who are injured in this messy war with strange super power mutant spiders in this endless fighting game. It’s your chance to become the hero and end the dark night of evil bombs reign.

You play your role and save life as there is nothing greater then saving human lives to build your legacy. Police officers and army soldiers need urgent war rescue and medical treatment, you pick them up from the battle zone and fly back to the rescue center which is not very far away. Your goal is to save a life & war rescue. Saving a life is a great virtue and a great way to serve during the times of war. The army heroes need medical treatment from the wounds they have borne during this unexpected war which is a close combat war game. This onslaught caused a lot of casualties and deaths. We have to overcome this situation. Fly to the point where you see a soldier shouting for help and rescue. You are the super hero and super hero has to do some great job. Weapons like snipers have done a big damage. We have to heal it. Sniper hits to kill but you fly to save lives. Best of luck Legend of 3D Hero Spider City!

1) Real life 3D sound effects
2) Challenging various army warzone rescue missions
3) Addictive game play
4) A chance to be a flying spider iron hero
5) Rescue the wounded injured soldiers
6) High altitude flying experience
7) Rescue missions to accomplish