Mom Breakout Prison Adventure

Chilli Game Studios

Mom Break out Prison Adventure is a free 3D prison escape jail break action strategy stealth survival game. This game allows you to enjoy stealth, survival, strategy & action in a single pack. Plan, strategies & execute your escape in an immersive & eventful 3D free roam open world environment. Complete plenty of action filled thrilling missions in this true simulation of a prison jail break out game using various different weapons, guns & techniques. Get ready for a crazy adventure in this free game filled with action, stealth & strategy in a high security prison just like Alcatraz.

Play the role of a crazy mom who has been imprisoned by the corrupt police for the crimes you didnít commit. After your husband passed away who was a weapons tycoon, city gangsters came after your property to plunder. But in order to do so they had to get you out of the way & the easiest way to do that was to make the corrupt police put you behind the bars in a fake case. They have made you a prisoner in the most high security prison of the city just like Alcatraz but they don’t know that you are the crazy mom planner who is planning a mission escape. You need to break out of this high security Alcatraz like prison full of prison security guards equipped with modern weapons & guns, prison sniper shooters, cctv cameras, k9 dogs & patrol cars in order to save your property. You need to escape this jail in order to survive & reclaim you freedom. This is your ultimate prison run escape story so chase freedom & don’t let the gangsters escape who are responsible for your imprisonment.

You have committed no crime, you are just a mom yet you are behind the bars with other criminals in a high security Alcatraz like prison. The warden of the jail is evil & corrupt which is why gangsters used him to imprison you. The warden has kept you in high security. A lot of police security guards, prison sniper guard shooters & cctv cameras have eye on you. You are just a mom but this is a war against the corrupt police & gangsters that you need to win at all costs in order to survive & break out of the prison jail in order to reclaim your freedom. You’ll face a lot of fight & gun shooting during your prison break out. The police prison security guards can’t allow you to escape so they will shoot with their sniper rifles & guns so expect a lot of gun shooting but that shouldn’t stop you because you are a shooter yourself. You know how to shoot & to counter guards attacks you can take them down in the stealth mode & pick up their weapons to strike & shoot back. You are a mom but no ordinary mom you’ve always been interested in latest technology which will help you to break out of the jail & in surviving this prison. Hack the security system of the prison to turn off cctv security cameras & lasers. Find guns & shoot down the prison sniper guards & shooters. Run & chase freedom as a mom in this crazy stealth, survival, shooting, strategy & action adventure. Break out of the jail & escape the prison to win this race of survival & take revenge from the city gangsters.