Spider Navy Stealth Battle

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Get ready to play action filled special ops missions. Immerse yourself in the adventure of warship battle. Take down the terrorists with your stealth killing, sniper combat skills and non stop shooting and rule the world of warship. It’s a battle of land and nations war. Take control of the battleship captured by rebellions using your strange mutant strength. Perform a counter terror operation and kill all the terrorists in ongoing battle with enemy.
Rebellions have captured a navy aircraft carrier and have made it their strongholds. Military and navy leadership has decided to form a team of commandos and perform a counter terror operation against these criminals. Serve the army in this time of war and become the nations superhero. Fire from the helicopter and shoot down the shooter gunners of enemies in navy aircraft carrier. After clearing the gunners of navy aircraft carrier, set your boots on the land and fight hand to hand combat. Walk in stealth mode and shoot down the rebellions with SMG guns, sniper rifle and hand grenades. Show your rope hero powers in this amazing stealth commando game.
Enjoy with stunning 3D graphics and exciting gameplay. Play in two different modes: helicopter and FPS and take back what is yours!Features of Spider Navy Stealth Battle:
Stunning 3D graphics of navy war
Exciting helicopter and first person shooter missions
Amazing sound effects and realistic gameplay
Exciting missions to complete