Strange Crazy Neighbor in Town

Pocket King Studios

You have a craziest neighbor in town sneak into his house to see what he is up to.”Hello Crazy Neighbor in Town” is the crazy and mysterious game where you solve the puzzle of your mysterious strange neighbors’s activities. Get into his house without getting caught, take some things with you for examine and further investigation. Be secretive and cautious else you will have to bare the consequences of breaking into someones house and stealing his things. You have to be smart and quick. You have been monitoring your neighbor for a long time because of his suspicious activities. Suddenly something came up and you decided to take things into your hand and enter his house. It turns out to be a scary task and it’s no longer fun.
Monitor his in and out timings, when he came home and when he go to office or supermarkets. He has a high tech security system installed on his house. Wait outside and when he came out of his house get in before the doors get shut automatically. Get into the main hall and see if you find anything useful. Search in the main hall, kitchen and his bedroom. Collect the useful things. Beware, there can be traps or things like that. Get into the gymnasium and collect a volleyball. It’s a huge and old house. So you will have to take every step carefully. The house is like a maze, once you enter it it’s difficult to get out.

Realistic mysterious house environment
Immersive 3D graphics
Realistic sounds
Fill with thrill and mystery
Missions to complete
Amazing game play