Wonder Warrior Woman 2017

Galassia Studios

Play as a wonder warrior woman, princess of the amazonian people who has come to rescue the people of world of warrior island city in this 2017 superhero fighting game. With the legacy superhero sword fighting wonder warrior woman strength, speed and super power bracelets, she brings future of fight and future war to evil murderers and monsters who spread injustice and destroy the peace of the universe to cause order and kaos. The woman of wonders superhero fighters will be enforcing the transnational legacy of justice, and use her blade to destroy the entire galactic tribe army of dead in this legacy of 3D hero sword endless fighting hero games.

Start the endless superhero fighting hero games journey of full combat arena battle of future of fight in this sword endless fighting game. Use order and kaos 3D hero game combat tactics to fight the antagonist dead army of cursed city fighter ultimate ninja warriors who made the island of amazonian people their battlezone and bring the villains to league of justice with your superhero fighters. Use your superhero fighting skills to survive in the 3D hero sword fighting arena io battle hero game to beat the skeleton army of dead people. Prove that you’re a part of league of heroes warrior, fearless fighter, and bring legacy of justice’s dawn to save lives by killing 3D Snake Tribe’s army of dead because heroes never die because this is going to one of the bloodiest heroes battles.

Since the members of Greek god temple drew the souls of women who murdered by antagonist city fighter storm ninja warriors on the island. It put the curse on the army of ninja warriors. To lift the curse you have to come out triumphant & prove heroes never die, you are the last hope. They are fast and highly skilled skeleton sword fighters. Now the lives of your fearless fighter warrior sisters depend on you. Fight with an army full of ghosts to save the your land of world of warrior from the evil. You are an anticipated contest champion of arena battle and a super hero legend among champions. Wonder warrior woman has fought ancient and modern combats and rose as one of the legendary heroes of chaos. But this is completely different, you have to final fight with antagonists that are an army of ghosts in this 3D hero survival arena endless fighting game and emerge as the anticipated contest’s champion. Use the powerful bracelets to defend yourself and blade of your sword to kill the dead army in the heroes battle survival arena to build your legacy as the heroes of chaos.